“They work just fine for sound bar without the high price.” – Judy (February 27, 2017)

“They work!” Tina M. (January 17, 2017)

“Better sound without having to add a sound bar and all the wires, speakers that goes with it.” –Donna (January 30, 2017)

“My husband had made some of these out of oatmeal canisters & I decided to class it up a bit & give him the real thing. They do help redirect the sound so you don’t have to have the volume up so loud.” –Mrs. Gothamon (July 24, 2016)

“Was frustrated with the lousy sound and the inability to hear dialogue from the TV, finally grabbed these. Should have just grabbed these from the get go, immediate improvement. These are just the ticket for the poorly designed down firing speakers.” –Nathan J. (September 1, 2016)

“This was the perfect solution for our outdoor TV. We tried a standard sound bar but it didn’t work with our TV. We needed to redirect the sound from the back to the front and this device did just that.” –Sally B. (December 22, 2016)

“Definitely improved the booming sound from our TV stereo system. Simple and it works!” –JJ B. (January 28, 2017)

“If you don’t have a sound system connected to your TV this is the best product to have. My 43″ TV hangs on a wall and the speakers are facing down causing me to jack up the sound. I put these on and marveled at the difference! Easy to install or remove, doesn’t cause a weird look, keeps the sound directed toward me. I will buy another for my TV upstairs. One of my best purchases!” –TJ