“Better sound without having to add a sound bar and all the wires and speakers that go with it.”

The Sound Bar Alternative™


A Soundbar Without Wires or the Headache

Quality and Clarity.

Never miss TV conversations again with TVSoundScoopZ. No more muffled voices. They are the only affordable, patented product that redirects sound forward for crisp, clear voices. They work on all pedestal and wall mounted TVs. Installation only takes two minutes.

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Amplify Your Television Speakers

Redirecting Your TV’s Audio

“If you don’t have a sound system connected to your TV this is the best product to have. My 43” TV hangs on a wall and the speakers are facing down causing me to jack up the sound. I put these on and marveled at the difference! Easy to install or remove, doesn’t cause a weird look, keeps the sound directed toward me. I will buy another for my TV upstairs. One of my best purchases!” -TJ

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Enjoy better quality sound with your current television without breaking the bank.

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