The Ultimate TV Gadget-Save 36%

Recently, TVSoundScoopZ were featured on KDOW, AM 1220 San Francisco. The Host, Kym McNicholas’s two seasoned investor guests confirmed that TVSoundScoopZ is an innovative gadget. Thus the nickname: The Ultimate TV Gadget.
There are a lot of gadgets that improve our quality of life and satisfy our needs. Everyone agrees that TVs today have great picture quality, but the sound coming from the TV’s factory speakers is muffled and conversations are not clear. This problem was created by the manufacturers about 10 years ago when they aimed the TV’s speakers down instead towards the viewer. This decision created a frustrating problem for the consumer. Sound bars don’t address this annoying problem since they re-direct the entire frequency range, Bass to Treble. TVSoundScoopZ, The Ultimate TV Gadget, re-directs just the Treble or upper frequencies but not the Bass.
An independent Speech Transmission Index (STI) test results confirm a much clearer, more enjoyable listening experience with TVSoundScoopZ. Voices sound clearer and you’ll never missed conversations again.
Not bad for a “gadget” where innovation meets necessity. The fact that TVSoundScoopZ has a customer satisfaction ratio of 99% verifies that this is a very useful gadget.
Everyone wants a bargin, so The Ultimate TV Gadget is available for only $19.95 + $3.99 S&H. Visit and take advantage of this limited offer and order today.

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