Every TV has That Built-in, Annoying Problem

Every TV has That Built-in, Annoying Problem

TV manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, LG, Vizio, and the rest decided not to tell the consumer what they had done. Instead, they want you to buy an expensive soundbar to address the annoying, built-in problem that comes with every TV! About 10 years ago, they all decided to move the speaker boxes to the back side of the TV and aim the speakers down! So today every TV comes with muffled voices and missed conversations, thanks to the manufacturers.

About 12 months ago, TVSoundScoopZ were introduced as a solution to this problem. Since their introduction, they have achieved a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating. And the customers report they work better than a soundbar.

Independent test results show that the factory TV speaker’s clarity (STI Index) is improved to an A+ with TVSoundScoopZ. This compares to a B without the product attached.

Sometimes simpler is better, especially if it solves an existing problem. And, if the consumer realizes a true financial benefit, I believe that defines a good, useful product.



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