Why aren’t TV customers 100% Satisfied?

They will be with The Ultimate TV Gadget.
Everyone knows that TV picture quality is amazing and as good as going to a movie theater. Whether you watch Internet TV through a device supplied by Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Sling, iTunes, etc. or, your TV is provided by cable companies like ATT, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, Dish, Cox, Frontier, Centuary Link, Hawaiian Telcom, etc., there is one persistant problem.  The voices sound muffled and missing conversations is annoying and frustrating.
This well documented problem was created by the TV manufacturers about 10 years ago when they decided to aim the TV speakers down instead of towards the viewer. The initial, expensive solution was to install remote speakers. Then an audio bar or sound bar was introduced. Besides being expensive, these devices don’t really solve the problem of muffled voices since they re-direct the full frequency range, Bass to Treble, towards the viewer.
About 10 months ago TVSoundScoopZ, The Ultimate TV Gadget, was introduced as an affordable sound bar alternative. It re-directs the voice range, Treble, but not the Bass. The result is voices are clearer and TV conversations are never missed again. Plus, it cost less than $25 compared to a sound bar that can cost $100s of dollars. Now TV customers, whether cable or Internet, can be 100% satisfied with their TV listening experience!
So, if you want a better TV sound experience visit www.tvsoundscoopz.com. As Holiday Special, the price has been reduced to $19.95 plus 3.99 S&H. That’s a 36% saving for a Gadget that really works.

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