Never Miss TV Conversations Again

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Affordable + Installs in Minutes

Redirects TV Sound

U.S. Patent No. 9,583,092

Our goal is to improve the sound of your TV at an affordable price.

Never Miss TV Conversations Again !

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Your TV speakers aim down. So, voices sound muffled and are hard to understand. The TV manufacturers created this problem 10 years ago by moving the speakers to the bottom edge of all TVs. Expensive sound bars don’t really solve the problem.


TVSoundScoopZ direct the TV sound to you, the Viewer. Never Miss conversations again. Simply attach TVSoundScoopZ to your TV and instantly get better sound quality.


STI Test Results

STI is the Speech Transmission Index which measures voice quality + clarity. Independent test conducted July 2015 by Freytag & Associates LLC.

Affordable + Installs in Minutes

For all your wall and pedestal TVs with edge speakers.


Note: For best performance- your TV Audio must be set or reset to the factory settings, “Clear Voice” or other factory designations.

How do SoundScoopZ™ improve the quality of the TV speakers?

The patented angles, shapes, curves, dimensions, material and application improve the direction and distance of the mid and upper frequency sound emitted from the existing/factory TV speakers. SoundScoopZ™ improves the listening pleasure since voices are now clear, crisp and not muffled.

Is sound quality the same for everyone’s hearing?

No. Generally, speaker quality is subjective according the CEDIA, Custom Electronic Design Industry Association.

Why does voice quality and clarity diminish with distance from the TV?

There are two issues. One, if the speakers are aimed down voices are not crisp or clear. Two, mid and upper frequencies diminish more rapidly with distance compared to lower (Bass) frequencies.

Are SoundScoopZ™ Guaranteed.

Yes. Merchandise can be returned within 15 days of delivery. Buyer must contact Winner Technologies, Inc (WTI) at to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Buyer pays shipping to return all merchandise. Once WTI receives, inspects and approves the returned merchandise a refund less a thirty percent (30%) restocking fee, off the original purchase price for the merchandise excluding original shipping & handling charges, will be issued to the Buyer.

Do SoundScoopZ™ “amplify” sound of the TV speakers?

Yes and No. Yes, because SoundScoopZ™ direct the mid and upper frequency sound (voice ranges) towards the viewer, instead of down and the volume control “seems” like it has been increased. No, SoundScoopZ™ are not electronic.

Will SoundScoopZ™ void the TV warranty?

No. SoundScoopZ™ do not interfere with the power source, electronics, connections, cables or signal. They simply attach to the back of the TV at each speaker location.

Have SoundScoopZ been independently tested?

Yes. An independent Speech Transmission Index (STI) test concluded that SoundScoopZ™ improve the voice quality and clarity of TV speakers significantly. The test results showed that TV speakers with SoundScoopZ™ rated A+ compared to a B grade without SoundScoopZ™.


  • They work just fine for sound bar without the high price.

    Judy, February 27, 2017
  • This was the perfect solution for our outdoor TV. We tried a standard sound bar but it didn’t work with our TV. We needed to redirect the sound from the back to the front and this device did just that.

    Sally B., December 22, 2016
  • They work!

    Tina M., January 17, 2017
  • Definitely improved the booming sound from our TV stereo system. Simple and it works!

    JJ B., January 28, 2017
  • Better sound without having to add a sound bar and all the wires, speakers that goes with it.

    Donna, January 30, 2017
  • My husband had made some of these out of oatmeal canisters & I decided to class it up a bit & give him the real thing. They do help redirect the sound so you don’t have to have the volume up so loud.

    Mrs. Gothamon, July 24, 2016
  • If you don’t have a sound system connected to your TV this is the best product to have. My 43″ TV hangs on a wall and the speakers are facing down causing me to jack up the sound. I put these on and marveled at the difference! Easy to install or remove, doesn’t cause a wierd look, keeps the sound directed toward me. I will buy another for my TV upstairs. One of my best purchases!

  • Was frustrated with the lousy sound and the inability to hear dialogue from the TV, finally grabbed these. Should have just grabbed these from the get go, immediate improvement. These are just the ticket for the poorly designed down firing speakers.

    Nathan J., September 1, 2016


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